Yummy Breakfast at Ah Seh Cafe Miri

Good morning, eat in Miri. Let me introduce the new food to everyone again. New day, new introduction.

Today’s food is the famous 阿世粉干蛋. Originally a traditional cuisine of Fuzhou people, but now it has been upgraded to national cuisine, right? The soup is rich in flavor and has a scented nose, which is definitely a devil-level gourmet appetite. If you don’t believe me, you can prove me wrong. Hahaha, eating breakfast at 阿世粉干蛋!

早安,吃在美里。我又来介绍美食给大家噜。新的一天,新的介绍。今天的主角是闻名美里的阿世粉干蛋。应该可以说是家喻户晓吧。原本是福州人的传统美食,但现今已经升级成为全民美食了吧?汤头浓郁,香味喷鼻,绝对是吊人胃口的魔鬼级别美食。不信可以来证明我是错的哟。哈哈哈 — eating breakfast at 阿世粉干蛋.

Ah Seh Cafe
3471, Jalan Piasau Utara 4, Lutong, 98000, Sarawak

(Images: Albert Sii, MCSC)