Possibility to Re-build Tusan Beach Cliff

Look into possibility to re-build this jewels of Miri tourists! The “horse drinking water” The iconic Tusan Beach ‘Horse head’ cliff near Miri has collapsed.

Although it is suspected of erosion, the real cause remains to be determined, with some blaming nearby construction for the loss of this beloved tourist site.

It’s very sad that this Tusan cliff was collapsed. This is a very iconic beach in Miri my hometown, I only left this photo, let me sayang you for the last time (3 May 2019).
~Vabbel Lsw (雪雯)

见了马头 ~Vabbel Lsw (雪雯)


22.2.2020 Very  sad day for Miri . One of the jewels of Miri tourists attractions is gone. The “horse drinking water” feature at TUSAN BEACH was reported to have collapsed. Investigation be carried out as soon as possible. Look into possibility to re-build it.

-Lee Kim Shin

(Images/info shared via/courtesy of Lee Kim Shin, Vabbel Lsw (雪雯), The Kuchingite, SukaSuka)