YiPing Gong China – Night Time Food Place in Miri 一品宫 美里

In YiPing Gong China shop Miri here, you can get Authentic Chinese barbecue food from as low as few ringgits.

They have a Wechat ordering system which was something new for you to order your food. Their menu page is also available at their shop. Quite a lot of food choices to choose from if you eat at their shop there at night.




The food taste was great if you like Chinese BBQ food, they have dumpling, noodles & porridge too.

Some of their BBQ menu.

一品宫, 美里. 正宗中国烧烤。 首创微信点单系统,支持微信堂点, 微信预订,打包外卖等多种玩法。并接受现金

YiPing Gong China Miri
Lot 517, Pelita Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri.

(Images/video via courtesy of 一品宫, YoCho Productions)