The Nine’s Ramen now opened in Miri City

Finally there’s another new place to eat ramen in Miri! A new restaurant in Marina Phase 1 (opposite 59 Street) that serves ramen and aromatic rice in a range of flavours.

THE NINE’S signature:
PaiKut Tonkotsu Ramen 排骨豚骨拉面
Paikut Rice 和风排骨香饭
PaiKut Dry Ramen 和风排骨干面

The Nine’s 玖居
Lot 2093 Ground Floor,
Marina Commercial Phase 1
就在marina 59街对面

Opening hours:
11:00am – 2:00pm
5:50pm – 8:30pm

(Images: The Nine’s 玖居, 美里吃喝玩乐)