Boba Chic is now in Marina Square Miri

Another milk tea store, Boba Chic 徐可波 is opened in Miri City. Let me try this new store. I saw its fb introduction before. It is a Taiwan brand and is the second branch in Malaysia. Popcorn is delicious!

The one I ordered is Mango + Cheese + Burst Boba. Laksa is also very fresh. Will try the mini hot pot next time, because it is only available at night Location is directly opposite marina phase 1, 59th street.

(Images/info via/courtesy of WanLin Lynn)

Boba Chic 徐可波 今天新开张,我来试试新厕所.. 之前看它的fb介绍,是台湾的牌子,马来西亚第二间分店。


地点就在marina phase 1, 59街正对面

(Images/info via/courtesy of WanLin Lynn)