Sweet Boba Boss now in Miri City

For those searching for a delicious meal with boba milk tea, the finger foods at this place are highly recommended! The Ayam Geprek Sambal, Setan, Lalapan Ayam, and homemade bakso (meatballs) are particularly outstanding.

It’s also worth noting that Sweet Boba Boss offers excellent drinks with a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating, delicious taste, and large cup size – definitely worth trying.

It’s a pink-colored shop that serves incredible food. The food completely exceeded expectations and comes highly recommended.

Overall, these meal options are absolutely delicious and worth a try. If you’re in the mood for a satisfying and enjoyable meal, give these recommendations a shot!

Address: Sweet Boba Boss
( Belakang Yummy Rojak Stall Senadin )
Lot 10464 , Block 5 Kuala Baram, Senadin, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Operation Hours : 10AM – 10PM

(Images: Michelle Kaiser, Roza Yana, Sweet Boba Boss, Emy Emz)