Mee Kolok Krokop 3 Stall [Opposite 振龙饼家 Miri]

Not surprising, this small mee kolok stall in Miri has always been a place for food hunters to stop by and enjoy their only famous mee kolok. Mee kolok with Char Siu and fish cake slices like these can be found in a small stall at Krokop 3, just opposite the Chop Chin Leong Confectionery…

Ajisen Ramen [Japanese Restaurant] Miri Branch- 味千拉面

Another Japanese food restaurant Ajisen Ramen in Miri Boulevard area. Their popular dish can be found here.

Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant Miri [欢喜地香港茶餐厅]

Seeking for modern Chinese style food in Miri? This time, we found another Hong Kong spot chain restaurant which serves Hong Kong style food- Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant or known as 欢喜地香港茶餐厅 in Chinese. Cold beverage Sweet beverage with two little cute cherries Food set 1 Food set 2 Taste wise it exceeded…

Ma Baker Bakery Cafe (Saberkas Miri) 麦烘培

The new look of the reopening of Ma Baker at its Saberkas branch is now equipped with WiFi, reading materials such as magazines as well as music instead of providing customers the best confectionery, bread, cakes, and cookies as well as hot and cold drinks. With such comfortable environment, it is also a cater place…

Delicious Food & Beverage at Mr. Ho’s Fine Food

Roasted Pork for less than RM10 at Mr. Ho’s Fine Food Ginger Beer with Ice

Ice Kacang Shop at Krokop 5 (聯誼冷飲室)

Ice desserts are known for their sweet and comfortable feeling when enjoying them in a hot day especially in this city- Miri. I am pretty sure many of you have tried before. The shop at Krokop 5 here named as 聯誼冷飲室 is a shop that always full with customers in the afternoon. We ordered Ice…

Emart Market Miri at Permy Jaya, Tudan

  E-MART SUPERMARKET Lot 2892, Block B, Phase 3 Jalan Tudan Bandar Baru Permy Jaya Tudan 98100 Miri Sarawak, Malaysia. Tel No.: +6 085-664862, 665862 Fax No.: +6 085-661862