Bat Kut Tea. Cafe Pelita Miri 药炖肉骨茶

Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia Photos Gallery

Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Malaysia is the first foreign offshore campus from Australia to be set up in Sarawak. It has students from all over the world. The University is located in the second city in Sarawak, Miri. Besides having beautiful gardens, it has a world-class facility with stylish architecturally designed buildings. The campus…

Taman Awam Miri (Miri Public Park) Photos

Taman Awam Miri is a relaxing public park located at higher ground comes with hanging bridges. The park is just 3km from the center of Miri City along Miri-Bintulu Road. The park has beautiful flora gardens, playgrounds with mini swimming pool, canteen and observatory platform.

Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club Miri

Mini Pan Bulatan Food Station Miri