YIEN’S GARDEN now in Miri City (Place to Get Beautiful Cactus)

The owner at YIEN’S GARDEN here is very friendly and well-known! You’re going to be overwhelmed here with options! Reasonably priced, genuine, direct feedback on ways to take care of your hauls. Somehow, I’m going to go home with 3-5 more mini pots when I come.

The plants are beautifully decorated, the surroundings are very cozy.

这是一间在Bintulu-Miri Rd(往机场方向),独立式房子的多肉园艺花圃,地点很容易找到,在大路旁就有设立牌子。


(Info via leo wong)



Yien’s Garden 肉嫂多肉园艺
665 Jln Taman Wah Shin Utama, Taman Wah Shin, 98000 Miri Sarawak.

Welcome to visit Yien’s Garden to see their beautiful flowers, cactus and unique plants.
Any enquires or to place order can Whatsapp 013-7734087 or 016-8746929.

(Tips: Opposition Mederka Mall Miri, before Morsjaya)

(Images/info via/courtesy of TTS, leo wong, Shya Wong, Evelyn Ngo, Sim)