Rotate Hot Pot now in Happiness Food Restaurant Miri City!

No ideas where to eat steamboat?
喜乐美旋转小火锅 Rotate Hot Pot is now in Happiness Food Restaurant Miri City!

Newly opened Rotating Hot Pot in Miri City! One person one pot, there are 8 kinds of soup available, and I personally think that seafood soup is better than ribs white soup.

The first time I tried this kind of rotating small hot pot, was the first time I saw that the hot pot had bamboo shoots and delicious Korean rice cake? The powder with hot and sour powder can be hot, and the ingredients are more inclined to Chinese style.

Overall, it’s not bad. One person and one pot is more hygienic. Rotating type doesn’t have to leave the seat to get the ingredients. One can also eat.

There are chicken, pork, mutton, squid and seafood, and the scallop meat is quite large. The fried chicken wings are delicious, and the crispy and tender fragrant outside~

Location: senadin
Store name: Happiness Food Restaurant
Price : 1 person RM38 eat
*If the ingredients are labeled with the name — at the Joy Food Restaurant Happiness Food Restaurant

第一次试这种旋转小火锅,也是第一次看到火锅有竹笋好吃 还有韩国年糕?跟酸辣粉的粉可以烫,食材比较偏向中国风~


地点: senadin
价钱 :1人RM38 任吃
*如果食材都有标上名字就好了 — at 喜乐美饮食餐厅 Happiness Food Restaurant
(Images via/courtesy of Angel Hiew, 喜乐美旋转小火锅 Rotate Hot Pot)