Remove Election Ink From Finger After Voting

The election ink which cannot be easily washed off is applied to finger of voters during elections, to prevent double voting or electoral fraud.

Remove Election Ink

Election ink is also known as indelible ink, electoral stain or phosphoric ink usually comes in violet blue or black as it dried. The author Danny Foo applied 3 methods to clean the election ink from finger during Malaysia General Election.

  1. Using toothpaste
  2. Using hand sanitizer
  3. Using nail polish remover

Dish washing liquid with a sponge can also be used but it wasn’t coming along well.

During the election time, hopefully this article can help voters to clean their dirty finger.

Please share with us if you have better method to clean election ink.

Another tutorial showing how to remove 90% of Indelible Ink via simple scrub and wash, by Ngan Tengyuen.