Mee Kolok at Lam’s Noodle House Pelita Miri

Lam’s Noodle House (林记广东面家) is located at Pelita Commercial Centre right behind the Imperial Palace Hotel. What is so special about the food is their guang dong style mee kolok (dried noodles). Like others, their guang dong mee kolok there could be be prepared according to your order with soy sauce, chilli sauce or the mixture of both sauces (jiang you lak). It was surprisingly very very delicious. Price wise it is as common at RM2.50 per plate or per take away.

Guang Dong style Mee Kolok at Lam's Noodle House Pelita Miri

Most importantly, they are famous for their char siu in the mee kolok. They open from 5:30am in the morning onwards until evening. Look at the oily char siu. Emm… I’m hungry. Eat while they are still warm and still at the peak of inviting mee kolok aroma. Mix them up with the chilli paste with soy sauce giving you extra kick and level up in flavor, I bet you can’t hardly go wrong with this combo.

The location:
Lam’s Noodle House
Lot 630, Ground Floor,
Pelita Commercial Center,
98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Telephone : 6 085 – 413688