LAKSA SARAWAK Sedap found in Miri Town

Delicious Sarawak Laksa is available in Miri Town. You can pick mihun, mee kuning, kuey teow, or mee kolok for your laksa.

Sarawak Laksa is from the Malaysian state Sarawak, made with homemade laksa paste using various fresh ingredients, without preservatives. The soup is a vibrant mix of belacan and prawn flavors. You can add coconut milk or evaporated milk and top it with omelette strips, chicken, bean sprouts, boiled prawns, coriander leaves, and laksa leaf. In addition to laksa, they offer kolok wantan, lalapan ayam rempah, mee goreng, nasi goreng, nasi lemak, and nasi plate. Find them at Dapuria.

Address: Dapuria
324, Jalan Cressanara, 98000.
Miri, Sarawak