Ice Cream Gula Apong is now at Lutong Miri City!

Ice Cream Gula Apong is now at Lutong Miri, the best homemade recipe!
Delicious cup of our ice cream gula apong.

Literally dragging your feet to work because you just did not have enough of the weekend? Oh we feel you people, we feel you.
Chase away those blues with a cup of our yummy ice cream gula apong. Creamy, full of the original flavour of Gula Apong palm sugar blended perfectly with just the right amount of sweetness. Never fails to add a tad of happiness in your day, does it?
Just the picture of it makes me salivate with cravings. How about you?

Tapau anyone? Yes, we now have the Take Away Tub size – a whopping 16oz bowl that you can take away for that relaxing ice cream session in front of the TV! Great for sharing with everyone in the family, or, *ehem* to be enjoyed all by yourself.

If you can’t make up your mind which flavour to have, why not have both and get the best of both worlds (flavour) in one cup! Pandan Original combo is also available all day people! Head on to our stall today! Have you tried our new Pandan flavour? Picture credit to @salfarina jbohari

Our Pandan Gula Apong flavour is here! Head over to our stall and try this super delicious, creamy flavour. The pandan taste brings back nostalgic memories of traditional kueh like the onde-onde. Creamy, sweet and oh-so-yummy! Try one, you will not regret it.

The size comparison for all 3 types of cups. The 12oz cup and 16oz tub come with lids, so they’re easier to pack to-go. Or you can also ditch the lid and enjoy them right away! Satisfy your cravings today with our delicious ice cream gula apong. We are open as usual!

Beauty is when it is effortless

Attending open house invitations today people? What better way to cool down those heaty spicy curry and rendang than with a cup of our delicious ice cream? Look at that. Beautiful isn’t it? Soft, creamy and oh so yummy! Come and drop by our stall and do yourself a favour. Enjoy a cup of ice cream gula apong and be happy!

One of our best-selling topping is Cornflakes. Our cornflakes are mini in size, so it sprinkles on our ice cream perfectly. It gives you the extra crunch in every spoonful of our creamy delicious ice cream. Look at it, isn’t it a beauty? Come over and have a taste yourself.

Our ice cream is only RM3.50 per cup and comes with free toppings. Yes, you can choose from our 5 types of sprinkles or you can have a combination of all of them. We are open as usual today people, so come and celebrate Labour’s Day with us and enjoy a cup of ice cream. After all the hard work you’ve been through, no matter what your job is, you deserve a cup of delicious ice cream treat!

For chocolate lovers who just have to have chocolate in everything, here’s for you! Our ice cream gula apong works well with chocolate rice topping. Don’t worry, the sweetness will not be overwhelming. You will love the combination of our creamy ice cream texture with the crunch of sweet chocolate rice bites. Ahh bliss!

Our toppings come complimentary with our ice cream! Choose from the 5 varieties we have. My favourite is the Peanuts which is 100% home-made, grounded perfectly to give you the scrumptious crunch with every spoonful of our soft and creamy ice cream. Yum! Opening really really soon, people!

Have you tried our Gula Apong ice cream? If not, then you need to try it ASAP! Guaranteed not to disappoint you. Affordably priced at RM3.50 (small) and RM6.00 (big), with FREE TOPPINGS! Come and enjoy the best ice cream gula apong in town, we guarantee!

(Images via/courtesy of Q Ice Cream Gula Apong Lutong, Eiyn Diyana‎ and their respective owners)

Location: next to 7Eleven Lutong, in front of Your Home Laundry same building with Kelvin Saloon, same row with Awang Mahyan Lutong. Open everyday 11am-9pm
See you there!

At RM3.50, free toppings, consistent disciplined presence that doesn’t disappoint whenever you crave and drop by their stall, that authentic fragrant gula apong smell….This is still THE BEST ice cream in Miri!