FRUIT VALLEY Pelita Commercial Seasonal Fruit Centre

Fruit Valley is located among a row of fruit stall opposite of Pelita Commercial Centre Miri. The favourite spots for fruit hunters during the seasonal fruits periods (like Durians.) However, our visit to Fruit Valley wasn’t at the seasonal fruit periods. The stall selling a wide range of beautiful and fresh local fruits at good prices. Imported fruits like oranges, apples, pearls and Thailand mangoes also can be found there. The fruit stall opens from morning until night time. They even have slices of fruit packed inside the cold storage ready for sell at the price of RM1 or RM2.

Fruit Valley Pelita Commercial Seasonal Fruit Centre
Imported fruits are also available
Various types of Melons
The watermelons world
The hanging bananas above other fruits
Local fruits in Miri City

For those searching for bananas, dragon fruits, papayas, honeydews, pineapples, watermelons and other tropical local fruits in Miri, this can be your right place to stop by. The fruit seller told us that some of the watermelons there are seedless. Come and get some fruits to make desserts, salads, juice for your good health. The prices ranging from RM3 to RM20 per kg.

Map Guide to Fruit Valley Pelita Miri