Chee Cheong Fun at Jing Wood Cafe Miri

Besides the economy Western food at Jing Wood Cafe Miri, another famous food to try there is at the Chee Cheong Fun stall. Sealed and lumpy rice sheet roll wrapped with char siu meat while another one wrapped with shrimps. Both of them are topped with fried garlic and sauce. The chee cheong fun is really nice when served hot, soft and it may melt in your mouth.

Char Siu Cheong Fun

The service were speedy and attentive. We ordered two plates of two different flavours at RM4 per plate. What makes this Chee Cheong Fun stall stands out from the rest, is their rich fillings, so delicious until it can be slipped quickly into our mouths. The very instant we sat ourselves down, we received our cheong fun ordered in just few minutes. You can’t miss to try when you are here.

Shrimps (Prawn) Cheong Fun