Boulevard Restaurant Miri Super Value Breakfast

For a taste of the cheap and reasonable market price breakfast at a high class restaurant in Miri City, you may head to Boulevard Restaurant Miri (美里富丽华大酒家) for them. The super affordable value Boulevard Restaurant Breakfast Menu has been there for long time but many still didn’t know about it, and another interesting thing is that you will be eating at the high class air-conditional restaurant.

FooChow Ding Bian Hu 鼎边糊

The promotion is only available on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. You could choose to eat the dim sum while enjoying your breakfast. Current no taxes. Let’s see what the breakfast menu offers (富丽华大酒家超值早餐).

Boulevard Restaurant Breakfast Menu

RM3.00 Breakfast
Kolok Mee (干捞面)
Kolok Kueh Tiaw/ Bee Hoon (干捞河粉/米粉)
Century Egg & Chicken Porridge (皮蛋瘦肉粥)

RM5.00 Breakfast
Claypot Noodle (招牌砂锅面)
Mee Sue in Chicken Soup (鸡汤面线)
Dumpling with Soup (上汤水饺)
FooChow Style Braised Noodle (福州焖面)
FooChow Ding Bian Hu (鼎边糊)
Fried Noodle/ Kueh Tiaw with Egg Sauce (滑蛋炒河/粉面)
Fried Noodle/ Kueh Tiaw(Dry) (干炒面/河粉)