Ah Pek Cendol stall at Hokkien Road Miri

A 40-year-old shop selling old time flavors and childhood flavours. This is Ah Pek Cendol stall at Hokkien Road Miri.

You must come here to eat space ice, which is a smoothie with soda. It’s really delicious. Maggie Omelette is also a must-order. It’s a bit crunchy and a bit like eating noodles. There are also milk tea and Cendol here. They are all delicious. By the way, taking pictures and checking in for Miri are both really wonderful.

Ah Pek Cendol stall 福建路
Jalan Hokkien Miri
(Behind Dynasty Hotel Miri)

(Images: Miku Siong)