Brunei-Miri Borders Reopening on 1st August

Beginning on August 1, Brunei’s land and marine borders will be fully reopened for non-essential travel.

This will attract into Miri at least 5,000 Bruneians and others. With each Bruneian spending an average of RM800 in Miri, this amounts to a minimum of RM1.44 billion every year, or RM4 million per day and RM12 million per month.

Hope that the border could remain closed until 8 p.m. to keep Bruneians in Miri.

Both administrations agreed to shut down at 6 o’clock, which will benefit Miri’s restaurants, bars, and lodging establishments.

(Images & info: 古晋头条 HighLight Kuching, TheStar, Borneo Post)