Yummy Ice Yogurt Menu in Miri City

Delicious Ice Yogurt in Miri City! Try the tasty Ice Yogurt cubes at Coco Cabana Miri!

Try the refreshing taste of thick-cut yogurt made fresh daily from pure milk. It’s the classic and satisfying way to enjoy a delightful experience with every bite.

Explore their new thin-cut yogurt with added fruits and toppings for an extra layer of richness in each mouthful.

Address Update:
They’ve moved from Coco Cabana Miri to Myy Mall, Ground floor G25 right beside PNP Plastic & Packaging Sdn.Bhd.
已经搬迁至MyyMall,在1楼 G25. PNP Plastic & Packaging Sdn.Bhd 隔壁

Operating Hours: Everyday 1000am-8pm
Contact No: 016-8927417 (For order)
FB: Stellar Yogurt