Udang Galah Dishes in Sing Chiong Restaurant Bekenu Miri

Seasonal prawns and fish are the best meals served in this restaurant. Noodles with fried/wet/soup prawns.

The biggest draw here is the delicious river prawn and Betutu fish. Despite the price, the dish is well worth the money.

It is one of Sibuti’s most well-known restaurants, Bekenu. It is famous for its seafood, particularly prawn noodles and fish soup. The noodles are homemade.

Great restaurant that specialises to cook udang galah in different styles.

Sing Chiong Restaurant 勲漳茶餐室
Lot 214, 215 Bekenu Bazaar,
Sibuti, 98150 Sarawak, Malaysia.

(Images: Sing Chiong Restaurant 勲漳茶餐室)