Summer Cafe Miri Surrounded by Passion Fruit Orchard

Summer Cafe Miri is surrounded by passion fruit orchards; far away you can smell a refreshing fruit aroma; relish a plate of authentic noodles, drink a cup of fresh, full-grain passion fruit juice, and sip your lips and mouth to keep it fresh.

As if the summer and fatigue of the body and mind instantly disappeared without a trace. Looking back so far, have an endless memories.


炒煮蝦面 Fried Cook Prawn Noodles RM20 S丶25 M丶30 L丶XL50

煎餃 Fried Dumplings RM 6

福建面+蛋 Hokkien Mee plus Egg rm7

肉丸板面 Meatball Pan Mee rm5

鸡飯 Salad Chicken Rice Rm6

Menu Board.

Summer cafe- Vegetarian sushi RM5/2pcs
(Friday – Sunday evening 6:00)

Vegetarian Western platter

Nice environment with natural setting, the bamboo blinds are hand-made by the tauke, very well-decorated.