New Burgers Menu found in Chooks Miri, Marina Square!

Hello fellas Mirians! What’s for dinner today? We have Chooks. Don’t forget to try latest menu, it is Burgers! Come.. Hurry up. Let’s Chooks lah!

B1 Chooks Aloha Chicken Burger

B2 Chooks BBQ Chicken Burger

B3 Chooks Cajun Chicken Burger

Where else to go for dinner tonight Mirians ? Chooks lah. Just incase you are wondering what is in our Chooks menu. Let’s have a look here.

B4 Chooks Golden Chicken Burger

B5 Chooks Mushroom Chicken Burger

B6 Chooks DAWG

B7 Chooks Chilli DAWG

Lot 1911, Ground Floor, Marina Square II, Marina Parkcity
Miri, Sarawak 98000
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