Starbucks Malaysia Marina Park City DT now Open 24 hours

Starbucks Malaysia’s 19 branches open 24 hours! Finally I can drink Starbucks in the middle of the night!

• Starbucks SS15
• Starbucks Petronas Plus DT
• Starbucks Ampang DT
• Starbucks Kota Kemuning DT
• Starbucks Prima 5 DT
• Starbucks Shaftburry Avenue DT
• Starbucks Highlands Hotel
• Starbucks First World Hotel
• Starbucks KLIA 1 & 2

• Starbucks Setia Tropika DT
• Starbucks Kota Laksamana DT

• Starbucks Juru R&R DT
• Starbucks Sri Pinang DT
• Starbucks Tanjung Tokong DT
• Starbucks Sunway Tambun DT

East Malaysia
• Starbucks Warisan Square
• Starbucks Sandakan DT
• Starbucks Marina Park City DT
• Starbucks Labuan Airport

We heard you, Malaysia! Now, you can get your coffee round-the-clock at our designated 24-Hour stores starting 1st December. Find your nearest store here: