Some Delicious Local Food Found at Food Bar Miri

I just came to this store at Krokop 5 called Food Bar for lunch. Unexpectedly found that the food is good. Braised pork rice is good, and the chicken noodle soup is better if the red wine tastes a little heavier.

Fried dumplings are made from pork and egg, and ginger, is bitten down. People who like ginger can try it.

Personally, like the crispy skin of fried dumplings. Barley will not be very sweet just right. Heard that the fish rice noodles and fried curry Maggi are good. Please try again next time.

The proprietress said that she would take a day off in two weeks (you can go to fb and see if they will notify if the date of the break is determined).

The business hours are about 7:30 in the morning and it is about 3:00 pm.
You can go to their fb page to see other food photos.
The price is in the menu.

刚才来了这家位于珠巴五号路叫food bar的店吃午餐。意外发现食物都不错吃。卤肉饭不错,鸡汤面线如果红酒味再重一点就更好了。


你们可以去他们的fb page看看其他的食物照片哟。
价钱都在menu里面自己看看eating 午餐 at FoodBar Miri.

(Images via/courtesy of HL Miky)