Vera Craft Cake Making Class is now in Miri City!

Instructors from Vera Craft coming to Miri again with new trendy edible art classes! Grab your seats now!

Our classes are suitable for newbies to all level experience bakers. Drop us a message to learn more about our classes

Miri 美里 25/07-30/07
25/7 – Unicorn Special Fresh Cream Cake and Flowers 不易溶的鲜奶油独角兽蛋糕设计及裱花
26/7 – Butter Cream Cake Painting 顺滑奶油霜蛋糕绘画

27/7 – Cakesicles (AM) 巧克力棒棒蛋糕 (早班)
27/7 – French Madeleine Tower (PM) 法式玛德琳塔 (午班)

28/7 –Artisan French Éclair (AM) 法式闪电泡芙 (早班)
28/7 – Dark Chocolate Praline (PM) 专业黑巧克力专修课(午班)

29/7 – Truffles Chocolate (AM) 专业巧克力松露基础课 (早班)
29/7 – White Chocolate Praline (PM) 专业白巧克力专修课(午班)

30/7 –Fault Line Hidden Roses (AM) 最新趋势奶油藏花蛋糕(早班)
30/7 –Magical Kingdom (PM) 初学者梦幻世界主题蛋糕 (午班)

Besides, Vera Craft also has a class in Sibu!
Sibu 诗巫 18/07-22/07

18/7 – Totoro Fondant Cake Painting 龙猫主题翻糖蛋糕绘画

19/7 – Realistic Bean Paste & 3D edible branches 自然艺术系豆蓉裱花及立体装饰设计课

20/7 – Butter Cream Cake Painting 顺滑奶油霜蛋糕绘画

21/7 – Cakesicles (AM) 巧克力棒棒蛋糕 (早班)
21/7 – Magical Kingdom (PM) 初学者梦幻世界主题蛋糕 (午班)

22/7 – Unicorn Special Fresh Cream Cake and Flowers 不易溶的鲜奶油独角兽蛋糕设计及裱花


Instructors are UK and US culinary graduates; been in the edible art industry for many years. Our Instructors are passionate and more than happy to share all tips and secrets you need to create your edible art and help you build a fun caking journey.

Special Note: for externals student who wish to attend Miri class, we got great accommodations choice available with super affordable rate. 来自外地的学生如果想参与美里的课,我们有很干净又好又廉价的住宿哦。

Upcoming next destination is Kota Kinabalu class from 30/8 -2/9

Kindly drop us a message for more info

(Info/images via/courtesy of Vera Craft)