RM2 Mee Kolok in Miri City Lutong Market (Pasar Lutong)

Nowadays, where can you find RM2 Mee Kolok in Miri City? Are you sure ah? WALAO! RM2 only!!
Still can find it? Yes, you can find it in Lutong Market (Pasar Lutong) Miri.

Do you still remember Lutong Market Breakfast?
They Open from 3AM Onwards!!

– YoCho Productions

Inside the Lutong Market, there was a stall selling mee kolok for at least 30 years and still running until today. Besides Mee Kolok, you can also find Mee Pok, Kueh Tiaw, Bee Hoon, Kwang Tung Mee, Wantan, Mee Goreng, Kueh Tiaw Goreng and Bee Hoon Goreng. Tambah daging lain harga. (Images from video courtesy of YoCho Production)

Additional items at additional cost. You can choose either Basah or Kering.

Checkout YoCho Production’s full video below, thanks for bringing back the old time memories of Miri people in Lutong Market.

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About Mee Kolok:

Kolo mee or mee kolok (Chinese : 干捞面) (Malay: Mi Kering)
A famous Chinese breakfast cuisine derived from the culinary traditions of Malaysian Chinese in Sarawak, Malaysia.