Ramen now at Krokop Old House Miri

Ramen, ramen, ramen, does anyone like ramen?

Krokop’s old house, cooking from several young people. Currently available in three different flavors. However, I personally think that the taste of the three soups is quite close. The difference is not so great. Finish three in one go. My friends and I can’t tell which bowl.

The topping and ingredients of the ramen are the same. Just the soup base was replaced. On topping, there are three layers of my favorite meat. Also known as Japanese-style barbecued pork. The three layers of meat are just right. Not greasy. Before serving, the three layers of meat were baptized with flames, giving off a burst of burnt fragrance. That’s great.

The hot spring egg with ramen was a bit surprised. And, most importantly, the price is pretty affordable. Between RM13-17.

Location: One of the stall in Krokop Old House.

Time: 6pm until sold out

Tentatively every Tuesday for off day

The above are purely personal tastes and feelings after eating and drinking


珠巴的old house,几个年轻人的料理。暂时备有三种不同的口味。不过,个人觉得三种汤头的口味蛮接近的。差别不会到很大。一次过点完三种。我和朋友基本上分不出哪碗打哪碗




地点:珠巴的old house里面其中一


暂定每个星期二为off day


(Images via/courtesy of Johnny Ting)