Zhen Xiang Noodle House now in Miri City

If you like rice noodles, you can come here to eat it. The soup base has original flavor, spicy, sauerkraut and tom yum.

For noodles, you can choose from rice noodles or ramen. Personally, I prefer ramen noodles. There are some snacks you can choose to eat, you can also make tea and drink, you must order clam rice noodles.

Their sauce chili oil and Sambal are absolutely superb.

Good service from the staff and fast food serving.




地点在富丽华的7-11旁边 — at 面真香 Zhen Xiang Noodle House


面真香 Zhen Xiang Noodle House

Lot 2453, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Miri, 98000 Miri, Sarawak 012-812 1582

(Images via/courtesy of Miku Siong, Fruit Long, 面真香 Zhen Xiang Noodle House)