Pretty Pink Frozen Yogurt now in Container City Miri

Hot weather. Do not be afraid. We have the solution. Frozen Yogurt with your preferred topping. Get it here in Pretty Pink, Container City.

Healthy Yogurt with Topping Mango, Strawberry & Chocolate Waffle are too perfect!

Omg! Egglet Froyo with Oreo, Almonds & Strawberry Topping! So Yummy! Get it from Pretty Pink, ContainerCity Miri.

Life is too short to skip dessert time! Here’s our Special one, Yogurt Skittles with Strawberry & Soursop Topping on Chocolate Egglet. Yummy! So Perfect!

Egglet Chicken Sandwich. Super Delicious! Only in Container City Miri, Pretty Pink Stall.

(Images via/courtesy of Container City Miri)