Nyonya Secrets Miri Homemade Mid-Autumn Mooncake 2019 Collection

Mooncake festival is back! Nyonya Secrets is now having Homemade Mid-Autumn Mooncake Collection for 2019.

We are introducing 2 new flavour this year, something refreshing in mind and unique flavour pairings that will excite your tastebuds.

We also offer our well-loved classic range of baked mooncakes for the traditional mooncake lovers, featuring 2 flavours with lotus seed paste and single yolk this year. We also have our best selling Sambal and Shanghai mooncake variety should you prefer something different.

1. Single Yolk Lotus Seed Paste(RM21.00/pcs)
2. Pure Lotus Seed Paste(RM20.00/pc)
3. Sambal Mooncake(8pcs per box @ RM64)
4. Classic Shanghai Mooncake. (8pcs per box @ RM48)

5. Red Ruby Jelly Mooncake (water chestnut & beetroot) (4pcs per box @ RM45)
6. Nyonya Cendol Jelly Mooncake (4pcs per box @ RM45)

7. Piggy Mooncake (Lotus Paste)
– with bamboo cage – RM6.80/pc
– without bamboo cage – RM4.00/pc

Closing date 1st Sept 2019
Collection date 6th Sept-13th Sept 2019




1. 單黃蓮蓉月餅(RM21.00/pcs)
2. 純蓮蓉月餅(RM20.00/pcs)
3. 參芭月餅(8pcs per box @ RM64)
4. 上海月餅(8pcs per box @ RM48)
5. 紅寶石燕菜月餅 (馬蹄和甜菜根)(4pcs per box @ RM45)
6. 娘惹煎蕊菜月餅 (4pcs per box @ RM45)
7. 猪籠饼 (蓮蓉餡)
– 有豬籠 RM6.80一只
– 無豬籠 RM4.00 一只

截止日期 9月一號2019年
拿月餅日 9月6號至9月13號2019年

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Tel: 018-791 3379