Nasi Ayam Goreng at Senadin 72 Food Court Miri

Great fried chicken drum rice! Golden fried rice with crispy and delicious fried chicken drum.
P/s: The chicken drum are is boneless. So, very convenient for the elderly and children to eat!

In addition, they also have chicken cutle/ pork cutlet/ fish cutlet.
Choose the sauce according to your preference! Super love his cream sauce (belonging to the thicker ones that are not watery)

Location at Senadin 72 Food Court (near Sweetheart Tea Room, Jiajia Kitchen)
Business Starts at 10 am!

金黄色的炒饭 加酥脆可口的炸鸡腿
P/s: 鸡腿是老板特意去了骨的 所以老人小孩吃起来都很方便哦!

除此之外 他们还有 鸡扒 / 猪扒 / 鱼扒 依照你的喜好选酱料!超爱他的奶油酱 (属于比较浓的 不是水水的那种)

地点在Senadin 72 Food Court (靠近甜心茶室、佳佳厨房那一区)

(Images via/courtesy of Lorraine Lee)