Most Satisfying Breakfast Spot in Miri City

Most satisfying breakfast and highly recommended if you are in Miri!

Kopi Cincau Susu (love how it is not sweet at all, kaw kaw)
3 sour (it’s a refreshing drink)
Mix Plate Noodle (soooo good)

Roti Kahwin (A MUST EAT, they use homemade kaya and it’s sooo good)
Roasted Chicken with Char Siew Rice (undeniably nice)
Look at the delicious looking noodles and the drinks, you know it must be so good!

Chang Cheng Cafe 尝城茶餐厅
marina phase 2 Miri (Beside the wine trading)

(Images: Liew Siew Ing, Ching Kwong Yew)