Miri Chop Chin Leong Traditional Pastries with Old Memories

Chop Chin Leong Confectionery S/B – Miri’s brand name
Local handmade traditional biscuit store with a 60-year-old heritage and skill.

Where to Buy “piang” Recommendations (biscuits). Still is responsible for the upkeep of the old structure. Biscuits in the traditional sense. Biscuits are delicious. Yummy. Vegetarian options are available.

Traditional biscuits may be found near Jalan Krokop in Miri town, where they are the greatest.
So far, the pastry from this patisserie tastes exactly the same as it did years ago. Without a doubt, quality control. When I return to Miri, I will absolutely buy my “piang” here.

The most popular biscuits was Pong Biscuits , 碰饼(老婆饼), Kuih Pong.
Others than that , Huge Chao Ann style wedding biscuit ,  Red Bean Paste Cake (Red Bean, Bean Paste) (豆沙饼、红豆、豆蓉) , and Salty Aromatic Cake (咸香饼) are the most well-known cookies .

Below is the Mooncake list:
白豆蓉素月 , Green Bean Paste
黑豆沙素月 , Red Bean Paste
豆沙單黃 , Red Bean Single Yolk
伍仁 , Mixed Nuts
蓮蓉素月 , Pure Lotus Paste
蓮蒙單黃 , Lotus Paste Single Yolk
莲蒙雙黃 , Lotus Paste Double Yolk
班兰莲蓉 , Pandan Lotus Paste
加啡蓮蓉 , Coffee Lotus Paste
榴莲蓮蓉 , Durian Lotus Paste
綠茶蓮蓉 , Green Tea Lotus Paste
綠香蓉 , Green Bean Pandan Paste
酥皮,豆沙,豆蓉 , Crispy Skin
足斤白豆蓉素月 , Green Bean Paste in Roll
足斤黑豆沙素月 , Red Bean Paste in Roll
足斤伍仁 , Mixed Nuts in Roll
足斤莲蓉素月 , Pure Lotus Paste in Roll
餅筒,白豆蓉 , Green Bean Paste in Tube
餅筒,黑豆沙 , Red Bean Paste in Tube
斜筒,水晶 , Sui Jin in Tube
白月糕 , White Cake C2
風吹餅 , Fung Chui Peah

One of the best place to get local Fresh, Delicious and Cheap mooncakes and bakery in Miri.

Location : Lot 1474, Jalan Swee Khim Krokop 98000 Miri Sarawak.
Contact Number : +6085-433375
Core Business: Biscuits-Wholesale Manufacturers