McDonald’s Strawberry Custard Pie, Strawberry Fiesta & Mexican Burger

McDonald’s launches new Strawberry Custard Pie, Strawberry Fiesta ice creams, and Brand New Mexican burger that are waiting for you!

1) Strawberry Custard Pie
Brand new strawberry cream pie! ! Strawberry addict can’t miss this.

2) Strawberry Fiesta
New Strawberry Flavor Ice Cream:
Strawberry Chocotop, Strawberry & Vanilla Cone, Strawberry Cone, Strawberry Sundae & Chocolate, Strawberry Sundae & Strawberry.

3) Mexicana Chicken Burger
An oversized crispy chicken patty, layered with creamy white cheddar cheese slices, red peppers, lettuce and tomatoes, top-flavored Jalepeno sauce and special ketchup, all sandwiched between a shiny glazed bread.


Mexican Chicken Burger!

Hola amigos! Introducing the all new Mexicana Chicken Burger that’s packed with a fiesta of scrumptious flavours! Head over to your nearest McDonald’s to try one today!