McDonald’s New Durian Hotcake! Sedap!

The durian madness continues with Mc Donald’s Durian Desserts! McDonald’s Malaysia is now having Durian Series New Food. The durian season is coming! McDonald’s has launched a new line of durian-flavored foods.

Now you can find D24 Durian Hotcake too!

Mcdonald durian hotcake.. sedap la.

OMG durian hot cake.

Dinner mcflurry durian nge durian hot cake

Previously McDonald’s Malaysia introduced D24 Durian McFlurry, D24 Durian Sundae, and D24 Durian McFlurry Party. For those who like the taste of durian, you will definitely like this series of durian new food.

Grab one today before it ran out!

(Images via/courtesy of Aeroll Syah, Jenny Chua, Mohd Hasmadi Capital N, Mcdonald Malaysia)