Life Cafe Full Menu Preview at Miri Times Square

Life Cafe Miri 美里人間茶坊 – one of few Chinese tea house in Miri, classic interior with Chinese decor and ambience.

Get the best Mala Noodles only at Life Cafe’s first Miri branch @ Miri Times Square! Pairs well with their Pearl Dumplings and specialty tea.

Good news, people in Miri. Life Cafe Miri 美里人間茶坊 has now restocked and is now open for business as usual from 10.00am to 10.00pm. Come on in and enjoy their signature noodles and dumplings.

Life Cafe has a nice and clean environment with wooden furnishing. Every dish ordered are delicious.

Life Cafe serves springy noodles in numbingly good Mala sauce at A-G-21, Miri Times Square @ Marina ParkCity from 10am to 11pm daily.

Appetising food presentation too!

(Images via/courtesy of Life Cafe 人間茶坊, Marina ParkCity, Jackson Why, zcjack)

Following is the menu preview with price for your references before you go.


Kid’s Meal, Plain Noodle, Wonton

Dumplings- must try menu!


Coffee & Milk

Chinese Tea Art

Life Cafe 人間茶 is from Kuching and it’s also available at the following locations.

Life Cafe 人間茶 Outlets:

Life Cafe @ Pandungan
62, Lot 29, Section 51, KTLD,
Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia.

Life Cafe @ Brighton Square
Sublot 28, Lot 7691, Block 16, KCLD,
Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia.

Life Cafe @ Train Terrace
Lot 3039, Ground Floor, Block 10, KCLD,
Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Life Cafe 人間茶坊 @ Miri Times Square
Tel: 085-326167

Address: Life Cafe 人間茶坊
Unit A-G-21, Miri Times Square, Marina Parkcity, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.

(Images via/courtesy of Life Cafe 人間茶坊, Marina ParkCity, Jackson Why, zcjack)