Fresh Clams Fried Kway Teow found in 93 Cafe Miri

At 93 Cafe here, you should not miss to try the Fresh Clam Fried Kway Teow! 鲜蛤炒粿条


Besides, they also have Marudi Fried Kueh Tiaw. 马鲁帝炒粿条, 糟菜粉干, 粉干蛋, 双奶奶茶, etc.

Now at 93 Cafe Miri !

Located beside SK Wong Miri.

Address: 93 Cafe Miri
2920-2928, Lor Caltha, Faradale Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.

(Images via/courtesy of 93 Cafe Miri)