Lalapan Lobster now at Selera Kampung, Container City Miri

Now in container City Miri at Selera Kampung stall. You can have your big lobster dish here.
Nasi Lalapan Lobster by Selera Kampung, Container City Miri.

Wow wow! They’re choosing Lalapan Lobster in Container City, Yummy!
Thank you very much, for all the way from Brunei & come to support us & hope you enjoy the foods with a good environment over here! Thank you.

Lalapan Lobster at Selera Kampung, Container City Miri

Ready stock for to night….lalapan lobster….stall selera kampung in container city.

Selera Kampung.

Welcome and try lalapan lobster… selera kampung.. container city…

Welcome to selera kampung.. container city..lobster baru sampai…wowww…. lalapan lobster menanti anda.
Address: Selera kampung Container City Miri
Lot 2225, north yu seng road 98000 Miri,
Miri, Sarawak 98000.