KyoChon Korean Fast Food Opening in Miri City

KyoChon, the renowned South Korean fast-food chain, is set to open its first branch in Sarawak, located in Miri.

Established in 1991, KyoChon is one of South Korea’s largest fried chicken restaurant chains. In 2015, it opened its largest branch in the world in Malaysia, notably in Pavilion KL, and has since expanded to over 50 branches nationwide.

For Korean food enthusiasts, especially fried chicken lovers, KyoChon’s upcoming branch in Miri is something to look forward to. Although the opening date is yet to be announced, the branch’s location will be adjacent to Bata Wireless Walk, Miri. Among their best-selling items sure to captivate visitors are their signature fried chicken served with three sauce variations: Soy Garlic, Red Pepper, and Honey series.

The opening of KyoChon’s branch in Miri is poised to offer another enticing dining option for Miri residents. For further information about the official opening date, follow KyoChon Malaysia’s Facebook page.

Address: Kyochon
Next to Bata Wireless Walk, Miri.
(Images: Muhd Mahadhir)