KIM & CAKE Realistic Flower Class now in Miri City

In this October, KIM and CAKE will teach her aesthetic works which is the Realistic Flower Class in Malaysia and Singapore. This event is organised by 唛唛格烘焙·Mama Girl Baking.

Good news for students living in eastern Malaysia, we are going to MIRI! !

Limited seats, only 12 students per course, sign up now!!

See you in October.
Registration or information, please contact our person in charge
Whatsapp : +017-3366777
Email : [email protected]

10月份,我们将会把KIM&CAKE 再次带到马来西亚以及新加坡授课!
这一次马来西亚的课我们不在吉隆坡,而是在美丽的东马-MIRI !

whatsapp : +6017-3366777
Email : [email protected]