Japan Pablo CheeseTart opening in 1 Utama Malaysia

Wow!! Long awaited Japanese famous half cooked grilled cheese tart store Pablo Cheesetart finally arrived in Malaysia! And the first branches will open at 1 Utama! The official opening date is 2016 December 6th! Grand Opening of a famous Japan food outlet this December 6, after FamilyMart Japan had its first outlet in Malaysia! Pablo Malaysia’s main attraction in big and mini sizes that come in 3 flavours – original, matcha, and chocolate!

Note: PICTURES Preview only FYI from Japan (not Malaysia) and web sources shared by our fans. Get latest pictures from Official Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia Facebook Page.




Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia Opening now in 1 Utama Malaysia.

Where is Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia?
Address and Location: One Utama Shopping Centre, Lvl 2, Old Wing (Beside information Counter)

Bringing you the experience that Pablo aims to deliver – an element of surprise and excitement in every bite! All ingredients used in the making of Pablo big and mini size of cheese tarts are 100% imported from Japan.