Ipoh Town Kopitiam Miri Outlet

Although you are in Miri, you still can taste the food and beverage of Ipoh styles when you just stopping by the Ipoh Town Kopitiam outlet in Miri. Don’t forget to enjoy its authentic Ipoh white coffee.

IPOH TOWN Kopitiam

This Kopitiam is an ideal location for you to have breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea break. From the view inside, you can see that Ipoh Town Kopitiam had received good responses from the local oil town residents. The Kopitiam serves Signature Toast, Specialty Toast, Favourite Noodle, Specialty Rice, Rice Bowl with Egg, Snacks, Add On, Set Breakfast, Set Lunch, Tea Break Set, Set Meal for 2, and Kids Meal.

First Ipoh Town Kopitiam outlet in Miri
The view inside Ipoh Town Kopitiam
Favourite Noodles
Fried wedges
ipk mega menu
Ipoh Town Chicken Kuey Teow
Ipoh Town Curry Mee
Ipoh Town Nasi Lemak Special
Ipoh Town White Coffee
Specialty Rice
Specialty Toast

Ipoh Town Kopitiam Miri Outlet
Address: Lot 1395, Grd Floor, Centre Point Phase II, Jalan Kubu, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Phone Number: 085-415288
Opening Hours : 8am – 10pm
Website : http://www.ipoh-town.com/