Famous Nokia Phone Models Complete List

Nokia ruled the mobile phone world before there were many touch-screen smart phones on the market. Remember the Nokia’s first smartphone featuring a 1 mega-pixel camera, how cool to hold it by showing off to friends at that moment. Most Nokia phone came with a keypad layout that users will need to press them hard with your thumbs to SMS and play games. Nowadays, you just only need your fingers to touch the touch-screen Nokia models.

Remember the Famous Nokia Phone Models

Nokia 3310 was the most popular one, many said it can be used to throw at your enemy. When Nokia 3310 is dropped on a glass floor, the floor will break while for iPhone, the screen will break. Still remember my Nokia 1100 with flat keypads has torch light on its top. How about Nokia 8250, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7610, Nokia 3315, Nokia 1112? See the complete list of Nokia phone models.