Desserts at Snow Flake Ice Cafe

Snow Flake Ice Cafe (雪花冰) is located opposite the CIMB bank in Miri town which is just nearby Imperial Mall. It is at the same row as Ma Bakers. The cafe has a cozy environment with Asian Fusion style.

Serving of Snow Flake Ice Cafe
Snow Flake Ice Cafe

Over there, they serve great icy delights with plenty types of snow ice desserts on the menu for you to choose from such as Passion fruit, honey peach, honey drew, peppermint, almond, vanilla, yam, chocolate, coffee, soursop, red bean and even mix fruit. The ice is not like shaved ice, but it is actually a snow ice. Sour sop(红毛榴莲) flesh is also available for sell there.

Variety choices of Snow Flake Ice
Sour Sop Fruit Ice
Menu of Snow Flake Ice Cafe (address and HP)

The cafe might look normal from the outside but the ice desserts are actually quite different with dried ice flake put at the bottom. We ordered their iced kacang cendol, their dried ice flake was put at the bottom, with lot of ingredients as topping.

Titbits Menu

Other hot desserts like yam made prawn cake mixed with rojak sauce (udang keladi), Prawn De Myonise, and fried taufu (bean curd), Sotong Taufu, Rojak can be found from their menu too.

Fried Taufu
Fried shrimps with yam cake

Many stated that the desserts are always warm and fresh prepared. If you are one of the ice-cream lovers, you can order their fried ice cream. The cafe served no pork, it is Halal.

Ice Kacang Cendol with Corns
Ice Kacang Cendol without Corns