Crepe Cake House Cafe now in Marina Miri

Address: Crepe Cake House
Marina Phrase 1, Lot 2056

In conjunction with their opening, just choose 2 pieces of cake below for only RM 15.90!

– Cookies and Cream Cheesecake 奶油饼干奶酪蛋糕
– Tiramisu Crepe Cake 提拉米苏千层蛋糕
– Vanilla Crepe 香草千层蛋糕
– Chocolate Crepe 巧克力千层蛋糕

– Royal Matcha Cheesecake 皇家抹茶奶酪蛋糕
– Double Fromage Cheesecake 日式双奶酪蛋糕
– Tiramisu Cheesecake 提拉米苏奶酪蛋糕
– Double Yam Cheesecake 双层芋头奶酪蛋糕
– Rich Chocolate Cheesecake 香浓巧克力奶酪蛋糕

They also have Swiss Roll:
-coffee roll with caramel pudding
-vanilla roll with milk pudding
-Parmesan cheese roll
-chicken floss roll with sesame Mayo

-chocolate roll with strawberry pudding
-matcha roll with red bean paste
-yam roll will coconut pudding

Parmasen Cheesecake And Luxury Cheesecake

As well as sandwich
-salmon cheese
-egg cheese
-chicken ham cheese
-tuna cheese
-chicken cheese
-mackerel cheese

Today have cream puff
-red bean puff 紅豆泡芙
-green tea puff 綠茶泡芙
– custard puff 奶黃泡芙
-earl grey milk tea puff 奶茶泡芙
-chocolate puff 巧克力泡芙