Creative Street Murals Painting in Miri City

Miri city going to have new street wall painting arts around the town area! That’s so cool! Like Penang one? Oh WOW. New location to checkin and new place to take cool photos for your instagram.

Renowned Artist cum Calligrapher Then Chan Fah of Miri Tzyy Yang Philosophy Studies Institute performed live a wallpainting artistic drawing depicting the Entrance to the world renowned Niah Caves (Gua Niah) in Miri.


Wall painting nearby Miri Open Air Market almost finished. New place for tourists to take photos. Wow! Hopefully there will be more arts like this.

Another new one wall painting art nearby Miri Times Square pop up in Miri City! So cool ! Can you find another wall painting art in Miri?

第一幅“尼亚石山洞Gua Niah”壁画已经逐渐完成了


(Images/info via/courtesy of 339 Home Tuition教育学堂, Willie Chuo, MCSC fans, Alfred Chang)