Niah Riverside Park in Miri

Miri has the world-famous Niah National Park and Niah Stone Cave, and the riverside park on the opposite bank will also become a new attraction, showing you what it will look like in the future. Hopefully, this is not a dream in few years time.

Niah Cave is a famous tourist attraction with the largest cave entrance in the world. Remains of human beings 40,000 years ago, as well as the remains of the Paleolithic and Neolithic times, have also been found here.

In order to promote tourism and facilitate tourists, it is planned to build a tram to allow tourists to enter the cave.

With Riverside Park, you can not only go to Nia National Park to explore, but also take a leisurely walk by the river. Hopefully Niah Miri will be more and more beautiful in the future.

全新的面貌 美里尼亚河滨公园

(Images & info: 砂州眼 Sarawak Eye)