Crazy Malaysian sold out 10,000 cans of Sambal NYET Berapi in just 3 minutes! On SHOPEE

Super exaggeration! Malaysian men’s restock 10,000 cans of Sambal in Shopee and habis in 3 minutes! His Mobile phone orders keep ringing! (Video included)

A Malaysian man Khairulaming sold out 10,000 cans of Sambal NYET Berapi in Shopee in just 3 minutes!
Many netizens complained that they could not get this Sambal in Shopee, and even questioned that he did not put Sambal sauce on the shelves. Therefore, he recently filmed a video to confirm that he really has replenishment. However, this video once again shocked everyone’s new world!
That’s right! You are absolutely right! The Malaysian man was quasi-replenishment of Sambal sauce at 12 o’clock in the morning on 10.10. In just 3 minutes, 10,000 cans of Sambal sauce were swept away!

What’s more, the most fascinating thing in the film is the sound of a Malaysian man receiving an order on the phone and accepting a notification. It’s crazy!
It feels like the phone is about to crash! Netizens left a message saying: “This is the voice of money”!
If you want to eat Sambal NYET Berapi, you really need to grab it. Slow your hands and it will disappear! I can only say that it’s amazing! admire!

超级夸张!大马男子Shopee卖Sambal 3分钟10千罐被扫光光了!手机订单响不停!(内有影片)

位大马男子 在Shopee专卖 Sambal NYET Berapi ,短短3分钟10千罐被扫光光了!
没错!你绝对没有看错!大马男子在10.10 早上12点Sambal酱准准补货,才短短3分钟的时间,10,000罐的Sambal酱就直接被扫光光了!

要吃到 Sambal NYET Berapi 真的要用抢的,手慢一点点就没有了!只能说,太厉害了啦!佩服