Coca-Cola just released NEW Coke Coffee

Good news for Coca-Cola and Coffee lovers. Now you can have them both in one go!
Coca-Cola just released their limited edition caffeinated beverage known as Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar.
You can find it in vending machines in Japan now. It apparently tastes like real coffee with a note of caramel understones.
Each 100ml can has 14mg od caffeine. Would you try?

You want a little coke with your coffee? How about some coffee with your coke?? Either way it’s now being sold in Japan!
(Images via Zach Sang Show)

Some people like coffee in the morning. Some people like a coke in the morning. Japan has the perfect answer.
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So, this exists, but as one publication put it: “It was exactly like I added coffee to Coke [so the] product name is not wrong.”
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Everyone seems to be raving about this new “Coffee Coke”.
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Not too bad. Never thought about adding coffee to coke, considering the caffeine levels. Needs a bit of sugar.
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