Big Prawn Hokkien Mee at HING LE CAFE Miri

This Hokkien noodle is delicious. The refreshing and crispy lard grains are really delicious.

Kolok mee and dry wantan are also good. Teh C is also delicious!
I had prawn Hokkien noodles (around RM25) last time and it was delicious. So this time I will eat his original Hokkien noodles (RM6 ~ 7). Really recommended.

这家的福建面很好吃。吃到爽口又脆的猪油粒粒,真的很够味道。干麵和干运吞也不错。Teh C 也很好喝!
上一回吃了大虾福建面(RM25左右),好吃 。所以这次再来吃他家的原味福建面 (RM6~7)。真没让我失望

地点: Permyjaya Area (看照片)
Google map找不到店。


(Images via/courtesy of Mandy Seng S M)